Event Painting 

Seton has many ideas to make your event even more special as she celebrates your Wedding with her brushes!


Feature your reception, or event in all its glory, as Seton's art spins your story into a colorful unique piece to enjoy for a lifetime,

Capture the whole story, or a single moment in time, 

  • Seton resides in North Carolina and is available for travel world-wide, 
  • 919.468.3111 byseton@gmail.com 


Event Painting

  • Seton personally paints at the your selected event.

Invite the Artist:- Secret Guest

  • Beginning your art at the studio, Seton becomes a secret guest at the event.
  • Knowing just the right questions to ask, Seton secretly interviews all lthe family and friends attending the wedding and gathering memories as well as all the festivities to add to the couple's personal art.
  • When unveiled, the couple will wonder how Seton knew all those special memories and a few secrets,  which are now captured within their custom piece, you can say you "Invited the Artist " 



How can we make your event special? 

Couple, cake, colors, table decor, family and friends all featured within your celebration piece!





Event Painting

Horse Show

Seton at the Pinehurst Dressage Show





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