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Seton McGlennon, Artist of Memories

Box 336 Cary, NC 27512

919.468.3111    byseton@gmail.com




  • Seton's Signature A rt takes about 6 weeks to create, depending on the size. 
  • Our questionnaire guides you, photos needed for the caricatures, locations, homes and pets.  
    • We require one completed questionnaire and labeled photos, which will be returned. 
    • *Organizimg envelopes with ie: homes, pets, families, helps keep things together. 
    • Seton's stylish interpretation and representation of your story will feature the memories you have listed as important, and using artistic license Seton Spins your Story, into a signature piece.
  • The larger the canvas the more scenes, locations and life events, can be featured.The smaller sizes highlight a limited number of special memories, please list by importance. 
  • Gift Certificates are available wrapped in a handpainted gift box to present, please contact the studio.
  • Due to the nature of the artwork, all custom commissions are non-refundable and your information must be recieved before your art begins. If after more than one year your information has not been received, your studio reservation is cancelled and  monies forfited.


  • Seton's artwork can be created in various languages
  • Duties and rates apply for international shipping to all European countries. Some size restrictions, duty, and fees may apply.


  • The smaller sizes feature 7-10 special life events, please list on a piece of paper and include a photo or two.
  • The larger Story Boards feature many more life stories, homes, travels, children and pets and our questionnaire guides you with photos and memorabilia  needed.
  • Each canvas is created in acrylic/mixed media and tailored for any private story, event or occasion.What is loved will be featured prominently within the art and the focus of the custom piece.  


Artist Statement and Process 


Beginning with your completed questionnaire, I sketch important events and focus, if you love the beach, golf, sailing, those moments will be placed prominently. It is the way I will spin and weave your tale together, which makes it so much fun.  The story follows a story line and will feature childood, education, wedding... and then I grab my acrylics and off I go.  Adding a logo, a town, sports team, caricatures smiling, a reference on a sign, with humor this colorful art form will celebrate you, with each and every brushstroke. 


"They say art should "speak to you" your art "speaks volumes" to the ones you love, as you save your story. Capturing memories is the thread of all of my pieces, as I save personal stories, historic towns and locations, the memories featured brings a smile to your face and to mine!!  Seton McGlennon, Nostalgia Artist


Seton's Story  

A born illustrator, this self taught American artist from Short Hills, NJ, has always seen the funny and sentimental side of life.  A graduate of Millburn High School and Katherine Gibbs, this happy Camp Tegawitha camper became a Realtor along the Jersey Shore in Normandy Beach & the Outer Banks of NC. 


A unique talent emerged when, as a Realtor, Seton began creating miniature portraits of her client's homes on glass ornaments and presenting them as her closing gifts, the client's loved them!


In 1993, the business became a full-time venture when she offered her home ornaments to fellow Realtors. Seton could capture any design on her ornament and each one she created held personal memories for one and all. It was that personal touch and creativity which propelled her in the marketplace and garnered quite a bit of attention.


Celebrities, politicians and clients world-wide "remember the time" as this Artist of Memories created her unique concept in art, featuring the Story of your LIfe.

Many original designs working for the NFL, Oprah, as her Favorite Thing, featured in PEOPLE Magazine, Regis & Kathie Lee, The Home & Family Show and commissioned by the White House, are just a few of the happy clients.


In 2004 and again in 2006 Seton designed and created the personal Christmas gifts given by President and Mrs. G. Bush and her art now joins the George Bush Center and Presidential Library in Dallas, TX.


Seton is here to capture your memories and save moments uniquely yours for the generations to enjoy, Collectors from around the world enjoy heir very private memories and you will enjoy yours!  



My brushes are ready to capture your memories! 










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