Memories in Brushstrokes 

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Everyone has a story, capture your stories and memories in the brushstrokes of Seton McGlennon.


Refreshinly different, Seton's brush creates a running narrative and visual representation of the times of your life, As the stories are featured, the memories are saved in a colorful, contemporary piece, with a twist of folk, 


Custom moments are yours to enjoy, as Seton takes mere words and spins them into a humorous original piece. Find homes tucked away, revisit heritage and tradition, travel and locations, as you find a reference on a sign, a turn of a phrase, and even a secret or two. 


What fun for the you, the children and grandchildren, to find themselves smiling from across the room, as all enjoy the present, are told of the past and keep the stories alive for the future.


There is nothing more important in a life well lived than to pass on that legacy. For over 26 years, Seton McGlennon has been quietly assisting clients with capturing those many lives and allowing them to pass on those enjoyable stories, with wit and whimsy, but most of all, with heart.




        Seton was Oprah's Favorite Thing, featured in People Magazine, Southern Living, Raleigh's Walter 

and commissioned by the White House and her artwork is found in fine homes world wide. 





  • Contact the Artist at:  919-468-3111
  • Our questionniare starts you off, what is loved will be featured and we need a bit of memorabila and a few photos. Our talks will complete the process. Depending on the size the artwork takes about 4-6 weeks to create.
  • Reserve now for 2020, 
  • Gift Certificates available, wrapped in a big hand painted box to place under the tree. Then in 2020 the recipient and I can complete the questionnaire and go over their memories. You have given the best gift, truly for the whole family. 


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What to give this year?


  • Gift Certificates for all designs available.
  • The Custom Story Board Gift Certificate comes in a hand painted gift box to place under the tree. 
  • This ultra custom gift allows the recipient the fun of working with the artist, and capturing their personal story in 2020.
  • You have just given the best gift of all Memories.


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