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"Storytelling" is the oldest of arts and my concept in art is to save those very stories, in a refreshingly different way, in ART.


Bursting with memories, the art becomes a running narrative of the times of your life, as happy representations and stylized caricatures keep the memories alive for the generations to enjoy. Seton will spin a phrase, add a reference as you find happy  memories spring to life creating a visual biography with each brushstroke.


We are here to assist you with saving a wedding story, corporate identity or a pet's life, each contemporary piece adds a twist of folk as memories uniquely your own become a bridge between the generations! 


Seton McGlennon, Nostalgia Artist


copyright seton mcglennon 2016 Seton's Signature Story Boards feature your memories, travels, inside jokes and happy moments all to to enjoy for the generations! 30x40 story board


Save your story 

30x40 acrylic/mixed media on canvas a life story is told...copyright setonmcglennon 2014
  • Contact the studio to discuss your commssion size and make your reservation.   Call 919.468.3111
  • Our questionnaire guides you, photos, memorabila and an interview complete the process.  COMMISSION & CLIENTS  
  • Please visit our GALLERY and look at a variety of custom stories Seton has created in the last 25 years;  beach lovers, city dwellers, weddings, schools the stories are as varied as the lives captured. Her artwork is full of fun and meant to make you smile.
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Special Requests?
What focus would you like to feature? Golf, Beach, Sailing ?
What would you want to see or not want to see in your custom piece ?

Seton's concept in art will spin your personal story into a visual experience; a reference, joke, logo, smiling caricatures of family and friends the memories are yours to enjoy and keep alive! Not a bit stuffy, each story is a whimsical trademark creation, you won't find anywhere but at Seton's Studio!


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Custom artwork, in non-refundable.

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